Monday, February 18, 2013

Danisnotonfire! (All rights go to him)

Hey guys! :P This is Danisnotonfire, another YouTuber I found through AmazingPhil. He is HILARIOUSLY FUNNY! (And British :P) Check it out! He has loads of more videos on  :D

AmazingPhil! (All rights go to him)

Hey guys! :P I just had to show you this video...This is a guy named Amazing Phil on YouTube. I found his videos about a month ago...And I've been addicted ever since!! xD Hope you like it...

Cher Lloyd

Hey guys! :P I don't know about you, but I absolutely love Cher Lloyd! She's such an original star, with an amazing fashion sense xD These are a few pics I found. :)


Ok so I'm going to open a whole new section to my blog! There are tons of kids out there my age who probably play So I thought it would be cool to do some things about woozworld too. :D Unfortunately, someone hacked Woozworld and they are now working day and night to fix it! .O. It might be a week until it's all set up again. I know, when I heard I was like Noooooo. But it's ok I'll get some sunshine in this mostly cloudy Washington State. xD Byee Byeee Heres a link to my all woozworld blog!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Looks! :D

 Hey guys! :D Since spring is just creeping up on us I decided to do this post. Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything starts to bloom in color! So I think these looks look the part right? I love every single piece in these outfits! My favorite would have to be the one on the top left. :) Comment below what your favorite is! Cya later guys! :P

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hoodies galore :D

 Hey guys! I'm on a blogging frenzy so I whipped up this post! It's all guessed it, HOODIES!!! Oh the hoodie...The hoodies firstly were popular in the 1970's then grew,.now the latest fashion trend! Aeropostale and American Eagle are probably the most popular store to shop for hoodies. The ones on the top are American Eagle, obviously. xD Then Aeropostae on the bottom. :) You can buy yourself a hoodie right here!  and at  !! :D Have fun shoppin', See ya!

One Direction Infection! :P


OH EM GEE I MISSED YOU GUYS!!! :P After getting my computer all set up for the blog again I decided to give you that "Surprise post" xD Here it is!!! One Direction! :D If you don't like them please don't kill me... :P I mean, they are DREAMY. Hehe, had to say it. And they have great fashion sense! Or their stylists do at least... O.O So I'll be posting way more now that my silly computer is fixed! :) Peace!